Saturday, August 8, 2009


I am shubhangi. I am doing my project with Meghalaya Rural Development Society and Government of Meghalaya. My project topic is "competency mapping for honey enterprise". Could you suggest me some competencies are required for honey enterprise in rural area. Your response would be a great value addition to my project.

Your project sounds good and it is encouraging that you had chosen a ground level, very important topic for your project. I am not having experience of honey enterprise. So i don't think i will able to give you solution. But i will try my best to show you path. According to me basic purpose of projects is to learn more and more from primary sources, find out all sides, plus and minus of topic and on bases of your finding give suggestion. so that it add value not only to you but all other people who is related to your projects.

You can divide your project in small parts. Talk to people and try to find out who are the key players in honey industry (honey-wax collector, storer, processor etc.) and what are there roles? After finding players and there roles further divide the roles/Job into tasks. Then through your keen observation, interview, discussion etc try to find out how best player do there task. When you are focusing on task try to find out knowledge, skills and specific behavior (habit) required to achieve objectives (or shown by best players). By doing this for every task you will find out what are the competency required for particular job (role). Now mark these competencies on scale from 0 to 5. O means novice and 5 means expert. Now can compare competency of individual and you can train them to enhance there competency.

It is game of finding out competency, check, and tries to achieve. Competency mapping is very time, money and resource consuming field. Only good organizations try to work on this and others read it in books and do mapping on papers.

Read as much as you can and try to focus on primary sources and filed research then only you can add value.

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