Monday, August 24, 2009

Is a sales executive eligible for salary if he doesn't bring business?

I worked for an organization where there is sales process and executives are supposed to give business to the company. Last month they have not given any business so are they eligible to ask for the salary if they have resigned. Moreover the company has not given offer letter to the employees.

Organisation not giving appointment letter, not giving salary and don't want to do full and final settlement of employees.........then what HR department is doing? If you hire employee then you have to pay salary. You can not hold salary of employee by giving mere reason that he is not bringing business. If you are doing this then you are violating the provisions of payments of wages Act and digging a grave for organisation. As per Industry dispute act you have to clear the dues of employee when he resigned or left the organisation. If you are not following law of land then you are inviting trouble. It's seems that your HR policy are in mess better short it out immediately.

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