Monday, August 31, 2009

Reporting To Two Bosses

I work for a reputed company as HR Executive for past 9months ,from day 1 I was reporting to my Manager operation and now we have our Head HR joined the organisation and she redesigned entire reporting structure even policy & procedures was redesigned. I was instructed to report functionally to my Manager HR (she too is a new joinee) and administratively to my Manager operation. Here starts the problem, Head HR wants me to take responsibility of handling another group of company aswell with no change in my pay but Manager operation doesnt want me to take any additional responsibility without any increase in my Pay. I really dont know what to do? This situation is applicable for every single work of mine…If she asks me to do any report he doesn’t want me to do..only after a big cold war things come better. Expecting your valuable suggestions.

You are facing problem because of office politics and reporting to two bosses who don’t communicate or work well together making it more complicated. It seems you also want or given any sign that you want increase in pay otherwise why should your boss making it an issue. Talk to your bosses and clear your picture otherwise management will think it is you who is creating problem. You have to be careful otherwise you will be caught in the crossfire. Stay attentive for any conflicting messages you receive and be careful not to put yourself in the middle of a disagreement. “Trying to broker a compromise without the input from either, or only from one, is deadly. You can approach such a situation by asking them for resolution some direction," said John Reddish. When you receive any conflicting messages from the two bosses, it is your duty to kick the problem back to them to resolve it. Avoiding the conflict is a common theme among those who have survived this experience. Communication is key to survival, so continually keep open and transparent communication with them. Remember no Favorites and no gossips.

It is obvious that you are experiencing pressure because of this situation. If you break at pressure then it might results into career problem and if you handled the situation successfully then you will go long way. Your ability to handle this situation will practically make or break your career.

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