Thursday, August 27, 2009

Notice Period

I am working in company X Ltd for the last 1yrs 3months. Now I resigned. My senior managers are asking me to work for 1month as notice period, till 15-Sep. I put my resignation on 17-Aug. As I am planning to relocate, I can’t work after 31-Aug. The company is asking me to pay for the remaining 15 days. If I am not willing to work from 1-Sep to 15-Sep, what should I do? Please help...

For notice period please check your appointment letter exit clause. In most of the cases employee have to serve notice period or pay salary in lieu for notice period. It will be better if you serve notice period if it is not possible than talk to your HR and pay salary in lieu for notice period. If you will not serve notice period or do not pay salary than you will invite trouble for you. HR might not give you reliving letter and there can be problem while your PE check. It will be better if you do not brake bridges, be professional and have smooth, proper and right exit. So that you do not face any problem in future. Remember world is small, you might have to face same people (HR & Boss) again in life.

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