Sunday, August 9, 2009

Employees leave the job because of top management

What a HR person should when employee leave job bocoz of top mgt? If mgt demand after every some time to employee to give report that what u have done in last 3 months or in last 6 months like this.....N THEN AFTER FRUSTRATION EMPLOYEE WANT TO LEAVE THE JOB, then what HR person should and against whom? Make employee understand that why top mgt need report every time by him giving some reasons or to mgt that they should not demand like this or something else HR can do?

Management have every right to ask or seek what employee is doing. It is responsibility of HR and Line manager to communicate effectively and properly (policy) to employee. These types of situation arise in operations, cases over staffing; nature of job is such that some time employees have lots of work and other time little or no work (such as in IT organisation).

Make a policy that employee maintain daily log book which contain details of all work done in a day. Superior must check the log book and give advice (if required) to employees so that individual works in line to the objects of organisation. If employees have little or no work to do in that case tell them to learn something related to there profile so that it will enhance there competency and also help organisation at time of need. It is great opportunity for HR to use free hours for training and development.

I think this will solve your problem. Employee will have record of what they do and they can provide it whenever required. It will also help management in having more information about person, task and organisation.

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