Monday, August 10, 2009

Boss forcing to put down papers

I joined this organization on Feb'09 as manager- Training and Facilitation. Now two months after joining this company, I came to know that they have no client base and don't even have training course material to be delivered to their prospect client. They then told me last month to start doing Business Development through cold calling and generate a business worth 35 Lakhs in the next six months. Sir, I have never done sales or Business Development in my entire professional career. No matter how hard I tried, I have only fixed few meetings. Now my boss, says I have to put down papers as I am not able to generate the business without giving me any notice to think about.

My question is that I joined this company as a trainer who will b delivering the training and doing vendor management, training calendar booking and content development for their CRT and E-learning portal. Then is it legal for the company to fire me for able to do Business Development. I am doing my primary job well as and when I am asked for. Please help me as I got married recently and am not aware of the policies of labour act and it is hard to get a new job at short notice.

It is wrong on the part of Management to hide the facts and providing false job description to you at time of hiring. Many organisation at time of recruitment to fill vacancy asap make wrong moves which not only harm organisation but employee also. Unfortunately you are also facing problem because of wrong decision taken by HR.

Please check your appointment letter. What it says about work profile and exit clause? Most of the appointment letter have work profile clause which favors employer. I assume you are on probation so I think if employer wants to remove you he will find out a way. For employee during probation it will be little difficult to challenge management. I am not saying it is impossible if you want to fight, court doors are open; in that case better talk to lawyer. Chances of wining will depend on the appointment letter and facts of the case. So better start documentation.

I will suggest you should take it as an opportunity, try your best to do your part and be prepare for worst. Talk to management and convince them that you are trying your best to achieve targets and require some more time. In the meantime deadly search for the new job. you can also talk to your ex-employer hope you can join them back. (Some organisation takes employee back if there is good relation between them). Learn from this experience and in future before joining any organisation better probe and take due care. Good Luck!!

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