Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fire Drill and Safety Program: Saved life

Mumbai, March 08, 2011 - A fire had broken out in shipping firm building but major loss and any causality were avoided because employees were aware what to do in such emergency. Thanks to management and HR who had had prepared the employees by continuous fire drill and safety programs.

Safety and Security of employees are not only responsibility of HR it is responsibility of each employee. We have to take safety drill and programs seriously they are not just time pass program but they small and basic program which save human life and property in emergencies.

As a HR we must carry out fire drills and safety program at regular interval.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Applicability of ESI Act is extended for Delhi Area

ESIC, Delhi office had issued a notification on March 30, 2011 under Section 1(5) of the ESI Act, w.e.f April 01, 2011 in Delhi ESIC Scheme has been extended to shops, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, preview theatre, road motor transport undertakings, newspaper establishment, Private Medical and Educational Institutions wherein 10 or more persons are, employed, or were employed, on any day of the preceding twelve months.

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IR – Bully Union Issue

One of my friend who is working as Executive - HR & Admin in one of the reputed organization his company is into engineering business. The said HR - Executive was used to take round check in that he found that some mathadi workers were not doing their work but rather wandering here & there so he would shout at them as these mathadis are local people so they uesd to do "Gundagardi "

Due to all these complaints the management had decided to sack the mathadi union. By this the Mathadi Union Leader got angry ( Who is a " Local Gunda ") he came to company alongwith 10-15 drunked ruffians he without asking anything to the HR - executive slapped the HR personnel & gave him "Galiz"

So with reference to above this what do you think what should be the take of Management on this???

I am sorry for your friend but these are some ground realities in IR. There are cases where some union mob killed the management persons. So dealing with bully unions are not easy task they are not only having support of workers but political nexus also. Each organization and situation requires different solution and expert persons.

Senior HR person must take lead in this case in place of sending fresh HR in dealing with this sort of cases.

Now coming directly to your question what management should do?

First Management must take action against person who had done such serious misconduct. Manhandling/Slapping must not be tolerated in any form. If today management will not take any action then in future slapping can lead killing of person.

Second Management has to find out long term solution of these issues. They have to do self analysis, engage more and more directly with people, build a free, transparent culture where any employee can raise his concern without any fear and any support of mob and so called leaders.