Friday, August 14, 2009

Is it right to change the organization within one year?

Now days there is fad to change the organization for salary hike, Is it right to change the organization within one year? What will be the future effect on career due to the same?? Pls. share your voluble thoughts.

Job hopping becomes a trend in today’s corporate world. It seems that youth want to become millionaire in one night and they lack loyalty and patience. Most of the organisations do not consider job hopping candidates seriously. Mere changing job because of high salary or position without clear objectives would lead to various aberrations. It is not fair and in long run it will not pay. It is not a question of right or wrong? It is question of ethics? In booming economy job hoppers will get benefit but in downturn they will be first to see gate and company will think thrice before hiring job hoppers for higher posts.

When we join any organisation we should add value to organisation and our self. One year is short duration in which neither you learn much nor organisation gets any benefit from you. Inability to establish enduring roots would also prevent benefits that may otherwise occur from the surroundings and situations. It was rightly noted rolling stone gathers no moss. So the starting point invariably is stability and that capacity to labour and to wait.

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