Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We are living in a shameless time

Moral values and principals are core of every civilization. They pass from one generation to other. Rapid changes in name of development which are happening around us god only knows where they will lead us and what we will pass to coming generation. Realty shows are poisoning the culture in the name of truth. They are cashing on emotions of people and molding the thinking of people. They don’t care about its long term effects on society. Movies are one step ahead in doing there share they show you vulgarity, immorality, violence and they call it entertainment. Censor board is dog who don’t have teeth he can only bark. Media’s braking news mostly consists of crime and violence. News papers are full of stories of wrong deeds in society. It’s very hard to find some good and motivating news. Rate of crime, murders, honor killings and attack on women’s are rising and we call us developed and civilized society? Government is sleeping and our Nata’s are busy in erecting there status.

Most disappointing is we criticize nata’s and elect same person in next election, we make high and cry against immoral, vulgar shows & movies and same time watch them whole heartedly, we talk high about crimes and at time of action against it we hide our self behind close doors. It will be not unfair if we say we are living in shameless time and Hippocratic society. It seems in coming times values and morality will extinct like cheetah extinct from India.

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