Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Advice for Students

It’s admission time and every student is nervous and running here and there for advice. They want expert advice regarding which subject to opt. They want that people tell them which field is best for them. There are ample of advisors who seek occasion to give there valuable advice and I am also from same species and I don’t want to miss this golden opportunity.

I don’t know how other person will know which field is best for you. Is it necessary that field which is best for one person will fit best for others? There is no universal solution. There is no harm or wrong in taking guidance. I will suggest that we should probe before take any decision. But we should also keep in mind our interest and should select the field accordingly. You are best to judge yourself. There is no need to be part of rat race. Do what you want to do. Market changes and change colors rapidly. It is not necessary that field which is up today will remain always up? If you follow rat race then in future you might criticize your decision. If you choose field according to your interest it will not only give you competitive advantage in long run but it will also save you from burns during downturn.

If you want to fight someone else’s battle then only you can ignore your interest and choose a filed advised by experts or your near and dear-ones.

So guys, your choice will determine ‘whether you want to die happy or you want to die wealthy’.


  1. Great will certainly benefit the admission aspirants

  2. Practice, practice, practice and practice make a men perfect…… but no one is perfect then why to practice? practice is right think but with not right advice west yore time+money.and finaly
    practice made perfect = made money = right advise

  3. Its all nice for not only students,professionals those have not any degree and diploma is also required for bright future.Its must for success