Saturday, June 6, 2009

Practice, practice, practice and practice make a men perfect…… but no one is perfect then why to practice?

Yes my dear friends, perfection is myth……yes, I know you will say this kid has gone mad…But friends see around yourself; see your friends, brother, sister, relative or your neighbors…. You will find one thing common in all of them. They all are suffering from perfacttophobia (fatal) disease. One of them say he is very thin… other will say he had crossed the limit of obesity. Some think his height is not good … he is short or too long … some people feel depressed because they are black or less attractive, some we will say they are not intelligent as there other friends. And all of them try to improve or cover there diseases……..they will invest time, money… to cure this. Same time they suffer mentally.

This is because of lack of confidence (mostly). If these people observe simple and small fact that people don’t want perfection. People want love, care, trust, and sense of belonging. Yes my dear friends it is right. You will see your parents and true friends love you not because how you look or how much intelligent you are. They love you because sense of belonging is there. They accept you with the way you are they accept you with your win and defeats; they accept you with your both good and bad qualities.

Therefore we all must love other people with there pros and cons. We must accept way they are. We must see good qualities in other and try to enhance them. Every one of us have there plus point we must see that. God has given as this precious life utilizes it in helping others. Therefore don’t run for perfection…… because Perfections is myth…

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