Saturday, June 13, 2009


Man is a machine who works for others and do things which he don't want to do. We waste our valuable life in doing things which are least important to us. That's why we are most frustrated and depressed. We think that the reason of our problems is Boss, Job, wife or XYZ. We will compare our situation with others and do all damn things to prove fault in others or complain to god that how unfair he is. We will never do self analysis and try to find out the root of the problem. We will run whole life behind money. We will directly link these superficial things to happiness. We forget or we don't want to understand that happiness lie within us. We don’t have to run for materialistic life for it. We enjoy things which our heart says so listen to your heart and ask from yourself what you want. Don't be a part of rat race. Look around you all those who had achieved success in there life are people who had listen to there heart and had a confidence in themselves. They came out of rat race and did what they want to do.

So listen to your heart and soul do what you want to do and I am sure you will achieve your goals and set a new milestones.

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