Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mockery of HR profession

Dear All,

Today I want to share my views with you all. It is directly or indirectly related to all of us. As we all see various aspects of recruitment in our day to day work life and have ample of opportunity to interact with HR consultants (Recruitment consultant). I observed that there is mushrooming of unprofessional recruitment consultancies and they are tarnishing the image of HR profession. I came to this conclusion because of following points:

1). Most of the recruitment consultants have team of unqualified workforce. Most of the consultancies are having graduates & undergraduates because of there low labour cost. They give them designation of HR executive or consultant. Person who is neither having knowledge nor experience when take interview or deal with a person who is far more senior in every aspect you know what happen. He not only put his but all HR professional’s reputation on stake.

2) HR consultant will give you tons of resumes which is nowhere your requirements. They will search from portals like a machine and forward you resumes. Now it's your head hack to short out the best candidates from the pool of so called great candidates.

3). If you go though job posting posted by consultants on various job portals. You will understand how much serious they are and how they work.

4).When these untrained candidates having 1-2 yrs of experience under there belt join some organization. You all know what blunder they make.

According to me it's not mistake of guys who join the recruitment consultancies. It is gross mistake of owner or boss of consultancy who hire graduates because of money when better qualified guys available in market. Not only this they will not invest single penny on there training and development. They treat them as commodity of use and through. In all this process who most suffer or face the blunt is HR profession. Due to these other professionals don't take HR (mostly at enter level) as seriously. HR consultancies will not leave any stone unturned for making mockery of HR profession because of there pity interest. It is high time that HR industry do something in this regard.

These are my personal views. I don't want to hurt the sentiments of anybody. If directly or indirectly my words hurt any body then forgive me. But I have written this because I believe it is true. I also agree there are some good consultancies and some great consultants but they are like drop in ocean. I request all the members HR fraternity to correct me if I am wrong.

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