Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vulgar salary-What the hell it is?

Recently when I was scanning through leading newspaper I came through a word “vulgar salary”. As a HR profession I heard various names of salary such as fair salary, minimum salary, executive compensation, wages blah ..blah but this is fast time I heard term vulgar salary. How can salary be vulgar? I don’t know and don’t want to know because whatever you call it I love my salary. Which I get in my account on first day of every month.

For my readers term vulgar salary is coined by one of the cabinet minister of India. He was referring to high pay packages of CEO’s. High pay packages are burning issue all over the world. The gap between the salary of entry level employee and top hats are growing day by day. It is not good for developing country in long run.

To curb and to regulate high compensation packages new company law is in the pipe line. Hope it will give some direction but government has to see pros and cons of it before coming to any point. Till then top hats please enjoy your vulgar salary.

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